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"Who can say
how these things happen?
One day you go to bed
an ordinary,
albeit trifle sadistic,

and the next you wake up
...a hamster."

he'll surprise you.

"Stella had never seen the sun
looking quite so beautiful.
It was the perfect day to wash her pygmy
...and Herbert would love getting wet."

"The next day, when Kyle whispered in the President's ear that his package had arrived, George delayed two photo-ops to run upstairs to the Executive Residence.

Upon returning, he didn't look any different, but the silk teddy and thong underwear
beneath his Brooks Brothers suit made him feel positively rejuvenated."

"Stanley looked at his Captain Adventure wristwatch,
the one that told the time in four languages
and doubled as a dental floss dispenser
(Captain Adventure and his sidekick, Density Girl, were a dentist and his oral hygenist in their secret identities)."

"I was just
getting back to business
when I heard the door open.
Oh my God!!
It was the Chicken Brothers,
Artie and Cluck."

"Great! Wasn't God going to be tickled when he, Shlomo,
showed back up to report his failure?...
The God who had sent him on this mission didn't seem
like the type to accept a simple excuse like,
'You turned me into a carp!'"

* Click here to read the inspirational New York Times article!

"The Kid's spaceship, Zell (the one that he had bought with boxtops from Neon Nebula Cereal® in Episode 337),
was already a twisted mess of molten goo,
courtesy of the Death Ray.
Could Kid Please be far behind?
Let's find out as we join him for,
The Curse of the Space Spatula!"